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Our Farm Shop & Butchery, nestled in Thorncote Green near Sandy, Bedfordshire, welcomes visitors with easy access and ample parking. Specialising in traditionally farmed, free-roaming poultry, we ensure their safety at night from predators.


Our birds are humanely slaughtered on-site, hand-plucked, and hung to enhance flavour and texture, ready for your table.

Each spring, we welcome around 250 lambs, celebrating with a public lambing day in March/April, offering a chance to witness the births and enjoy the playful new arrivals.

free range & seasonal delights

Our free-range pigs are a mix of Gloucester Old Spots and Large Whites, with about 20 breeding sows and plenty of playful piglets often seen wandering the meadows!

Our beef cattle spend winter indoors and summer grazing in the meadows. We slaughter weekly at a local abattoir, and our Master Butcher prepares the red meat for our customers.

For Christmas, we offer popular Free Range Turkeys, Ducks, and Geese. We suggest pre-ordering to ensure easy pick-up and avoid disappointment. Orders can be collected from the Farm Shop, Farmers Markets, or delivered via a 24-hour nationwide courier.

The Farm Shop offers free parking, and the site also features a Florist, Gin Distillery, Fitness Studio, Dog Groomer, and The Dairy Café.

free range & seasonal delights

It's a cozy spot right here on the farm where we serve up delicious meals made with ingredients picked straight from our fields and local friends. Looking for a hearty breakfast, a relaxing lunch, or just a sweet snack with your coffee? We've got you covered. Our menu is all about fresh, simple, and tasty food that makes you feel good. It's the perfect place to chill, eat, and enjoy the farm vibes. So, pop by and let us treat you to some homemade delights in the most scenic spot around. We can't wait to see you!

Our cafe and farm shop are open 7 days a week


Franklin's Family

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